Pojem bosáž




zdivo s plasticky zdůrazněnými čelnými plochami kvádrů

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translation neregistrovaný 10.01.2010 13:29
» reagovat
"Bosáž" in English mean rustication (architecture). Your names aren't important for us.
come on neregistrovaný 21.01.2007 17:44
» reagovat
what's wrong with you? Isn't it clear that this is a czech dictionary for foreign language words? Neither has the czech word "bosáž" anything to do with your name, nor is Istria in the Czech Republic, but in Croatia. Try contacting somebody from the croatian government.
Hello again NATALIA BOSAZ 24.05.2005 16:40
» reagovat
I forgot to say that my grandfather's name was Antonio Bosaz and his brothers, (who also came here) were Lucca, Jose and Juan.
> bosaz from fiume marino 09.02.2006 08:56
» reagovat
  my grandfather was joe bosaz who had a barber shop in fiume. later the family moved to trieste before ww2. after war 1950 family moved to usa. wife rosina, sons renato [ my dad] and stelio. email me back ,i am sure we are related,but no info on your question but i willask my dad. marino
>> Natalia From Argentina Again!!!!!!! neregistrovaný 07.08.2006 02:14
» reagovat
   I left another message here. I have new information. My great grandfather`s name was Martin Bosaz, wife Antonia Bartulich. Sons Juan, Jose, Antonio, Blas, Lucca, and Foska. Their hometown is Gimino (City Pola/Pula, Istria. They left in 1926 and 1929, except for Blas and Foska who stayed there. One of te vessels´name was Velvedere and the other was Carlos V. I have an address belonging to Foska that is: Huegini 37. 52431-Zmmij-Istria. There is a possibility thata Foska´s surname is G-Bartulié. Please help me. I really need to find them. My email is tatybosaz@yahoo.com.ar
>>> Hello neregistrovaný 06.11.2006 15:32
» reagovat
    Hello, my name is Martin Bosaz, I am cousin of Natalia Bosaz, I am from of Argentina, mi english is not very good, sorry. I am son Carlos Alberto Bosaz and my grandfather is Antonio Bosaz. Who are you?.
Tank you bye.
>> Diego Bosaz neregistrovaný 09.09.2010 02:06
» reagovat
   Hi, I´m Diego Bosaz and my cousins are Martín and Natalia. My grandfather was Antonio Bosaz who was Martin Bosaz´ son. He came to Argentina on the ship VELVEDERE in 1929. May be we are related. My mail is diegobosaz@yahoo.com.ar. Regards

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